The white tee, let's consider it for a moment. Aside from a thick layer of sunscreen and something on your feet, it is pretty much the only thing you need in your summer wardrobe (shorts-schmorts, be free bumcheeks!).

Ok so it's still a bit chilly for freedom cheeks, but I can't wait for summer anymore to talk about the white tee ("WT").

The white tee is versatile, comfortable, some might even consider it a confidant - throw it on over your slinky bikini or tuck it into your party skirt for instant security. Either way, the white tee is a friend to everyone. It will do your bidding, it extroverts the introverts. It speaks.

Below, I demonstrate ten of the millions of ways that the white tee can enrich your life and make you a better version of yourself. Most of my accomplishments in life come down to the edginess of my tee.

Many of the items pictured come from ELLA, but not all of them. Shout out to some of my favourites: Urban Shoe Myth, Wear Your Label, and Printworks (who crafted the WT in a lightening fast kinda way).

What is your favourite way to DON your white tee? 


One: White tee + plaid shirt + pleather pants


Two: white tee + pleather pencil skirt


THREE: White tee + black blazer + white skinnies (long live the skinnies)


FOUR: White tee + white blazer + black skinnies (that your grandmother wants to patch)


Five: white tee + black blazer + distressed skinnies (I told you long live the skinnies)


Six: white tee + leather jacket + snakeskin stilhettos that poke through boardwalk boards


Seven: White tee + boyfriends + strappy heels that hurt your feet



Eight: white tee + ridiculously expensive over the knee boots


Nine: white tee + some other shit that looks like fall clothes because it's so damn cold


Ten: the gala ready white tee

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