Is it Lisa or John?

One tee: TWO ways!

This is a question of distressed denim or a-line printed dresses. Vintage peter pan collars or classic plaids. Bloodstones or cowgirls. Washboards or acoustic guitars. Straight fringe or the perfect-imperfect coif.  With their almost sold out live show quickly approaching, it is time for you to consider these important things.

Acoustic Guitar (John) or Washboard (Lisa)?

Credibility-wise, I can't say that each of us is stylistically defined by one of these two talented husband-wife quirky-folk singing counterparts because I would have to poll every single person in the the entire world and also the rest of the universe to validate such a statement. But a little exaggeration has never actually killed anyone. So what I can say, is that it seems like each of us can more closely identify with one, or the other's style.

Classic Plaid (John) or Peter Pan Collar (Lisa)?

And why shouldn't we? This dynamic duo is super amazing! But rather than give you yet another article about how style defines us, I prefer to arm you with the truest accessory of life: information. Real conversation pieces, the kind that provide you with just a bit more weight and context when you go to answer the question: "When it comes to personal style - are you a Lisa or a John?"

Bloodstones (John) or Cowgirls (Lisa)?

They are one of Atlantic Canada's most sought after acts. John plays acoustic guitar, vocals, and Lisa plays bass-drum, washboard, vocals and tambourine (often all at once)! A multi-tasker in the truest form.

Printed a-line dress (Lisa) or distressed denim and suspenders (John)?

Tomato/Tomato named their toe-tapping duo from the lyrics of George and Ira Gershwin "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" written for the 1937 film "Shall We Dance." Their retro named band in every way consistent with their retro-inspired style. We love that they seem as though they are from a different time.

Straight Fringe (Lisa) or the Perfect-Imperfect Coif (John)?

Their music is the perfect high energy, toe-tapping mixture of comedic, loving and colourful lyrics, old-time bluegrass, blues and stuff that's a little bit jazzy. I know for sure, without polling everyone in the world and also outer space, that exactly zero percent of the audience will be sitting still at their live Imperial Theatre Concert this Thursday evening (get your tickets by clicking here, there aren't many left). They have a real knack for getting your feet tapping, your hands clapping and inviting you to sing right along with them.

striking a wonderful balance between playful and serious at virtually every turn, helping ensure you’re back for another listen by the time the record is over.
— The Musicnerd Chronicles

The real question though: Will you be toe-tapping in a cowboy boot, or a bloodstone?

Photo credit in order: Kâté Braydon, Adam Penney, Courtney Black, Kâté Braydon, Jessica Rhaye, Video by Jordan Mattie