We learned from users of our app that meeting up to try things on was a bit awkward and sometimes logistically difficult to coordinate.

By opening a physical location we can happily offer an elevated shopping experience with proper fitting rooms and the ability to accept all forms of payment, just like with regular shopping! This eases the pain of needing to coordinate your schedules and eliminates the need for trying things on in coffee shop washrooms!

Here's how it works:

If you're a seller and someone expresses interest in your item via our app, you simply let the buyer know that you will be placing the item on reserve for them at the shop. The buyer then has a week to come in and try the item on. If she wishes to purchase it, she can pay using regular forms of payment (debit, credit card or cash). We keep 20% and transfer 80% of the purchase value to the seller in cash, wire transfer or store credit! If your buyer chooses not to take the item, we will do our best to place the item in front of other buyers by posting it online and showing it to shoppers in store.

If you're a buyer and you are interested in trying an item posted to our app, you can ask the seller to drop the item off with us for you to try on and potentially purchase. This eliminates the need for you to coordinate schedules and prevents you from needing to try things on in obscure locations. If you decide to purchase the item, we can accept all regular forms of payment (debit, credit or cash).

...and Bob's your Uncle!