Written by: Kate Wallace
Photography credit: Brittney Cousins

Oh, hey, January. It’s you. The month of deprivation. Of cold. Of holiday weight-gain and pale winter-face. Nothing fits right. My frost-frazzled hair has permanent toque dents. Sigh. Blue Monday’s just behind us, but your icy pinch on my soul has only just begun.

Along with giving up booze and sugar - i.e. the twin pillars of life-affirming pleasure - I seem to have also given up on my appearance. Whoever said April was the cruelest month clearly didn’t live in Atlantic Canada in winter.

But wait!

January, I don’t have to give in, devolving into to full-blown slobbery. Even with my Visa on lockdown following the free-wheeling pre-holiday spree, I can clean up my act. Here’s my four-pronged retaliation:


Take my bronzer, take my blush, take every goddamned lipstick in my purse, but don’t even think of touching my mascara. I don’t wear much makeup, but this time of year, it’s the only thing keeping me from resembling a half-blind newborn vole snuffling around its nest.  



Even the most boring winter outfit (yeah, I’m talking about you, jeans and black turtleneck sweater) gets a boost from some glitter. Like seemingly every woman in Saint John, I love Jeneca Klausen’s original jewelry designs. Ditto over-the-top costume pieces that flip the bird to drab.



When you’re too cold (or lazy, I’ll own it) to disrobe for the shower, dry shampoo is your coif’s best bud. Plus, the not unpleasant stiffness puts me in mind of beach hair and sunnier times. Surf’s up!


Fake or faux, this is cold-weather glam. I have a grey fur collar that makes even sweatpants look haute-ish. Plus, it’s cozy as all get-out.

My sisters out there in frozen fashion-land, what are your wardrobe and beauty hacks in these dark days?