one month of #ootds + only 10 items

      Thirty outfits with only 10 items. You're probably asking yourself, "is it possible? and if so, how can I do it?" Well, goddesses don't fret as your questions will be answered. 

First up, is it possible? YES - 100%. I went through the highly scientific data and field work myself (so you didn't have to) and found that it is in fact, true. You can get a whole months worth of stylish, versatile outfits with only 10 pieces. I picked out 10 items from Ella The Shop and had Sharell (Ella's wicked awesome visual merchandiser + girlboss) try and re-try on over 30 outfits in a span of only a few hours. Let's just think about the work-out that would be for a second... I struggle to put on one outfit for the day and she managed 30! Instead of CrossFit maybe we start FABRICFIT? Amirite?! I digress... 

Here are the 30 #ootds: 

Why care about squeezing the very last lemon drop from your lemon of a wardrobe? Well, for several reasons. For one it is easier on the ol' bank account (win); no longer will you have to fear the luggage scale (win); and for my like-minded minimalist - it is much more visually appealing than a spewing catastrophic mess of clothes you don't know what to do with (WIN!!!).

Here's how to achieve minimalism-greatness in 7 easy steps: 

Step 1. 

Pick out your favourite pair of jeans (Paige denim are my ultimate favs - they are as soft as 363 kittens on a cloud)!

Step 2. 

Pick out a colour palette. Try to stick with neutrals for the most part and then add a couple pops of colour. Or you can make this real easy: ALL BLACK EVERYTHING (my usual go-to).

Your choice. 

Step 3. 

Pick out three additional bottoms. One professional, one going-out, one casual. 

Step 4. 

Pick out a dress. One with versatility i.e. can easily go over top of things or under them. 

Step 5. 

Pick out three tops. This is a good opportunity to add some colour, if you wish. Again, pick out a few different pieces but stick in the same palette. 

Step 6. 

Pick out two 'layer' pieces. A jacket, blazer, cardigan, vest. Anything that can be easily thrown over top of an outfit to change it's look. 

Step 7. 

Start pairing! 

Items featured - Paige denim 'Hoxton - Mona', Tyler Madison Asymetrical hem black belted pants, Tyler Madison wax-coated pants, Dex suede moto skirt, Black Swan pleated dress, Wyldr ivory ruffle top, Z supply black long-sleeve tee, Dex blush pink chiffon tank, Wyldr black blazer with sequin details, and Black Swan nude bomber jacket. 


Photography credit: Brittney Cousins