Because really, what does one wear to a festival that combines a wicked line up of live music and a village of shipping containers?

It's finally getting hot and I have to admit I am rather pleased that our port city has decided to stop spewing wet fog and cold all over our coastal digs - just in time for Area506 fest. I have to say though, the moment temperatures rise above 20 C's, I lose all sense of cool, so to speak. And cooling off is a rather tough goal to accomplish when you're consumed with the subordination of pairing the proper crop with the proper skirt, under the proper cardi, with the proper cool-factor enhancing necklace, strappy sandals or open toe booties, and so on.

So what's a girl stricken by the plague of #Area506 fashion platitudes to do? Turn to the shipping containers for inspiration, of course. But not just any shipping container will do, there is a science to functioning practicality while still maintaining that whim of shipping container village goddessness. Below you will find two looks, hand picked for you by me, which is either amazing or horrible, and most definitely influenced by my '80s-baby roots.

And I won't tell you that to accomplish these looks you need to have the exact items as shown. Nope. This is a more theoretical approach to understanding what will help you maintain your cool, without compromising the cool of New Brunswick's biggest cultural event of the year.

No pressure.

Ok, just punch me in the face now. Go ahead. Do it. 

Look #1: A colourful cotton minidress with a contrasting statement necklace that really pops when placed in front of this terracotta-coloured shipping container. Amirite? Paired with a simple denim jacket for the evening hours when temperatures dip and a sweet Alexander McQueen clutch in nude to hold all your beer-tenting dolla bills. You could also pair this with plain white sneakers, or mid calf-length strappy sandals too. Because, comfort. 

Look #2: And this is an important one. Is anyone else feeling a strong affinity toward high waisted everythings? Or is that just my post baby-bulldozed-out-of-my-abdomen talking? Again with the colours popping from this blue-marine shipping container, I'm not sure how much clearer a nod to the 80's I could possibly make: high waisted jean shorts? Yep. Crop top? Check. Floral print? Check again. Neon scrunchie? Ok there's the line.

Alright, alright. You should actually wear whatever the eff you want. It doesn't matter. But don't miss out on grabbing some tickets, or the kids, or some friends, or some friend's kids and heading down to #YSJ's long wharf to take in this morsel of area code 506's cultural awesomeness. #represent

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