You know the little fair-haired people that run around department stores knocking things over, talking in shrill high pitched tones? The ones that explode ketchup packets and crumbs over a 6 foot radius of the restaurants they eat in, those who opt to eat noodle soup with fingers rather than a spoon because: toddler logic? The little people that look under the stall door at you in a public restroom, spill any liquid they come into contact with, eat a french fry off the food court floor (but refuse the yogurt you packed), and occasionally poo in their pants?

These little people understand what it means to give exactly zero fucks about just about everything in life, and I wanted in on the action. So I asked my toddler to style me, giving the approximated zero fucks that he so wonderfully does in his own life.

Like most cool tots, my own day to day life encompasses a very similar set of raisons d’etre: eating, going to parties that involve cake, hanging out, pooping, watching Netflix, naps, acquisition of sugar laden consumables and goods from Dollarama. 

In the mornings, I go forth and contemplate my #ootd while my three year old boy Jude scrounges up an eff and weighs in. He offers up my 4 inch Loubs for a Sunday morning at the market, Ugg Boots for a Saturday night on the town, and has a blatant affinity toward anything blue. Anything at all. Blue totally rules. What’s your favourite colour by the way? You'd better know the answer to that question if you're going to hang with us, ambivalence in the order of ROYGBIV is just totally unacceptable. Thou shalt know thy favourite colours and Ninja Turtles in descending and ascending order on command!

I digress. 

Between conversations about favourite Paw Patrol characters and speculation about riding bikes, I unleashed Jude’s inner stylist, giving him full reign over my attire. The looks you see below are all his selection: subdued, yet festive.

Outfit #1: Blue with a hint of sponge

Outfit #2: Blue on blue on blue (with bonus snack accessory)

It turns out that when my three-year-old picked out outfits according to his preferences, I ended up looking mostly similar to the way I always do. Looks that are a little bit #KatyCats, a little bit #BoHo, mostly subtle with iconic statement pieces. Perhaps the Spongebob slippers deserve to be in heavier rotation?

I'd pretty much wear or do anything to see a smile on his face, really. I love that candy eating, fair-haired little shrieker more than life itself.