Grab your feathered pen from your mint satchel while the potatoes roast, we want to know how ladylike you are.

I'll admit, I try to be ladylike. Somewhere deep beneath the underbelly of my estrogen centres is a desire to be more put together, have a cleaner house and a better hairdo. But really, I am so much closer to Ron Swanson than Betty Draper. I out-eat my husband at the dinner table on the reg, I love a good dirty joke, a strong pint of lager and a real game of poker.

Don't worry, I'm not ashamed.

I am also not convinced that I am alone. Is being 'Ladylike' a facade? Is society creating unrealistic expectations for what it means to be ladylike, or are all you proper women of the world just fooling everyone? Can someone please mansplain this to me?

How #ladylike are you, IRL?