An enormous thank you goes out to the Saint John Chamber for toasting to our success, as well as to our fellow nominees: Downsizing Diva and Chooka. To our team, our supporters, investors, family and friends: High fives to everyone!

Ella is a movement. We are a community of women unified by one true love - high fashion.

We connect women with each other through a common love of fashion. Fashion that may be found in our shop or in each other’s closets.

We do this by allowing women to find fashion pieces in a few different ways:

For example:

  • Using our app, we give women the ability to see inside the closets of their fellow fashion-loving friends and to open their own closets for reselling as well.

  • Via our store we introduce new, high season pieces predominantly from Canadian designers, something few women get access to outside of our largest cities.

  • and we curate rare, vintage investment pieces that are otherwise not easily accessible such as vintage Louis Vuitton and Chanel pieces

  • We provide a safe and fun venue for both shopping new, and exchanging previously owned fashion pieces

The Ella community loves fashion - there is no doubt.  

We spend an average of nearly 300 dollars every month on fashion, and 51% of those purchases become obsolete in about 4 weeks.

But we get tired of what we buy quickly, or maybe we bought something for a special event and knew we would likely only ever wear it one time… either way it is next-to-new and it ends up just sitting in our closet.

It’s a thing we women do, we know it is wasteful.

We’re crazy spenders, we can’t help ourselves.

Our customers recognise the environmental and economic impacts of this type of fashion consumption, and we want to take responsibility for it.

We want to be thoughtful about our day-to-day decisions and we want to leave the planet in good shape for our children…

Our app opens our closets to each other and our store is the shopping and sharing centre where we can buy something new or exchange our previously loved items with each other in a safe and beautiful central location.

We are not a traditional fashion retailer, we’re also not traditional consignment, and we’re certainly not just a reselling app.

We are a force.

We are disrupting the conventions of fashion consumption.

We are showing the world that the fashion sharing economy is fully open for business… and that new fashion and used fashion are not mutually exclusive.

Being a responsible consumer is the new haute couture...and we’re leading the way.

We see Ella as an augmenter of every great local fashion scene in cities where women love fashion as much as we do.

We are confident that our presence in any market will increase activity for women’s fashion retailers and create a culture that values reducing the legendary wastefulness of the fashion industry without sacrificing the feeling of indulgence.

We make it easier for women who care about the bigger things in life to love their fashion...and we’re elevating the fashion-sharing economy to the level that fashion-loving women expect.